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03 December 2008 @ 07:50 pm
In 2008, spidox resolves to...
Volunteer to spend time with friends.
Buy new draguinea's.
Keep my silk clean.
Spend less time on shirikdraguinea.
Spend more time with my squeee's.
Get back in contact with some old rats.
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03 December 2008 @ 04:39 pm
On the twelfth day of Christmas, spidox sent to me...
Twelve tabbiewolfs drumming
Eleven msfoxwoods piping
Ten makenshi_foxs a-leaping
Nine yksi87s dancing
Eight dark_aldebarans a-milking
Seven vikki_rubbrvixns a-swimming
Six phoxtayls a-laying
Five dra-a-a-aguinea's
Four squeee's
Three friends
Two rats
...and a silk in a pear tree.
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14 November 2008 @ 04:53 am

Gay-Test.com - Gay Test
20 October 2008 @ 08:35 pm

yup, as i said in the previous journal i was thinking about making an account where i will be posting sexually related stuff, silly movies i thought were a laugh and pictures of Kitt in adult-ish situations.

Every post will be LJcut with a discription of whats behind it so you wont instantly see Kitt bondage or something the moment you look on your friends list (cus im nice unlike some people who blast some stuff that should not be shown without a warning)

So please friends it if your at all interested in some of the weirder stuff i get upto in my life/the little people in my head feel you should be shown what i find amusing

----------> wtf_spidox  <----------
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20 October 2008 @ 07:43 pm

feel really blarg today and somewhat frustrated.

People got food at work, i got £180 today for selling my old kitt partial minus tail to rednic but i dont want o get a pizza cus there £15. Its making it worse cus its raining outside and i have no coat and only a shitty tiny poundland umbrella. Now guys in work are eating pizza.

also my throat really hurts after an entire tight of restless sleep. To cap it all off i have told people i would be getting pictures of kitt that i got from joecifur but thinks KEEP GETTIGN IN THE WAY!!!!!!!!!
  • 13th-29th working solid and most of them are mids-lates
  • if i come home from work past 8 the room is roasting due to windows normally closed and combination of 32" lcd tv, xbox 360, computers and halogin lights on full really heat up the room so not suitable for suiting
  • room floor is normally a mess though thats normally partially my fault too
  • i dont want my first pics of kitt to be shitty pictures that are of him in a room full of stuff in the background....i want his first picures to be at least semi decent
*whimpers* all in all my day/week/month arnt going to well at all and just been feeling really down and wish i could just have some fun or something except of just wake up, work, food, sleep....

no wonder im an 18st 6lb fat bastard

was ment to go to alton towers on the 30-31st for a late birthday treat but fucked up on the budget and had to cut back so happy birthday present to me.

sorry for the crappy rant but i just feel so low at the moment. would bitch more but its about an object of adult nature and shouldnt really be on here (still thinking of making an adult LJ of just adult stuff about kitt and me) i just want stuff to make me smile and be happy again. I just feel like i have been trying my hardest to make others happy and its kinda been draining me of my happiness

EDIT: in addition i dont even know what the hell i should do. got evil genius on laptop but dont want to play it, got new 360 console but i dont want to touch it.....when im home i just check FA, fchan and lulz.net for funnies then thats it for my time at home....i just shrug and might as well go to sleep. Has my life really become this boring?

EDIT EDIT: is it bad that when ever shirik should be home or getting the moment she leaves work i start mentally whimpering and pawing at my messenger in a slim hope that she will pop online and i can bug her and see how her day was it hopes the stories of her antics may it some way lighten my day and make this sad git of a person just a bit happier for even a spec of a moment?
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17 September 2008 @ 09:20 am
thats right, the day all the little satan worshipers go to stonehenge and go "oh shit not him again" ^,,^

well as i was working this morning Shirik let me open my presents early which was full of yey as i got the following.

A thorntons chocolate sigh say "happy birthday kitt"
The nurse witch Kamogie anime DVD
A built-a-bear witch bunny with a evil lil growl sound box

Also as a good birthday gift i can happily say that Kitt's fursuit from Joecifur is for the most part complete ^^ which makes me a very happy spidox. And for all those wondering "but kitt, dont you already have one by Leopardcorgi?" my answer is to be honest i didnt think i would ever see him again as Leopardcorgi had a thing of not replying to me emails for months on end so i commissioned Joecifur. I still have the partial but it most likely wont get much use now except for maybe like dances at conventions as i added 1 8000rpm fan to the muzzle and 1 5000rpm fan in each ear so i have quite good air ventilation ^,,^ If when i get kitt i feel i cant wear him for more than a few minutes before over heating i may look into some alternative cooling.

So yes. Its my birthday, im now 24......wheres mai presents o_O!!!!!! imma lookin at j00
O_O <---mai serious face
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10 September 2008 @ 03:45 pm
yup that time of year once again.....its my birthday coming up on the 17th.

today i have (with the help of Shirik) booked a 2 night stay in a 4 star hotel a mile from Alton Towers and planned out the trip as follows:
30th October
  • Arrive at alton at arround 2pm ish, flop bags in hotel.
  • run off to Alton Towers and spend the day in the water park
  • Spend the night in our king size room with four poster bed and whirlpool bath
31st  October
  • Run off to Alton Towers for there scarefest halloweeen party (open from 10am till 9pm)
  • spend last night in nice room
  • Home !!
Doing this was desided for two reasons.
1. I have not been to alton towers in about 4-5 years and really miss it
2. Shirik has NEVER been and i get to drag her on lots and lots of scary rides that will make her so scared she will giggle in fear ^^

I cant wait to see what Shirik has gotten me for my birthday. All i know is its alot of artwork and stuff ^,,^

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09 September 2008 @ 12:25 pm
Haa see i am normal ^,,^

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21 August 2008 @ 09:08 pm
*lowers his ears*

great. when i was at work and coming home from work i was all happy and ready to do kitts head and do the paws.

Now i accidently stood om my archos camera that  i was going to video the eurofurence trip on. It was burries under shiriks old laptop bag and her rucksac. Now i feel sad that i wont be doing any video work as i dont want to use the vieo function on the camera or use the dvd cam as they cant be used on the fursuit.

Now shirik has desided to go downstaires which makes me feel even worse in myself *sighs* i just dont have the feel to do the suit today now which was pritty much one of my only chances.

Am i really that terrable to be around when im upset about breaking something that i was really happy and looking forward to using and is now too late to buy another?
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15 August 2008 @ 03:57 pm
Well today i have been rather happy after more of less having a mini panic attack in my head over a few items.

Though now i am quite calm and happy becasue LeopardCorgi has finished Kitt a second time over. (first time the fur never arrived so had to use cheap shitty fur and didnt give enough time for me to say the head was wrong. Recieved it and the hands broe cus they were too small (LC didnt use the DTD i gave) and the head was so big i could spin it around on my head. To me the one i got this time last year from her was bad enough that i had to hand make my own paws which i wore to EF and the look of it was sooo bad i refuse to loke at the EF13 photoshoot of me or watch the video of me proposing to Shirik as it makes me physically ill to relise i had to propose to my one true love in something like that)

The new one is so much nicer and im really pleased with how it looks. Just got to wait for it to come now so i can try it on.

Also got Joecifur making the bodysuit and sending it to me so i can be in full fursuit this year *hugs him lots* which is really perking my mood. Though im very sorry that the body is 70 pieces in total
Click for pics of Kitt by LeopardCorgiCollapse )
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